Susan Kare


Susan Kare, "The woman who gave the Macintosh a smile" . Her work being mainly 2-Dimensional such as her famous pixel icons; Creating a 3-Dimensional art work that represents both her and her values that would (fictionally) be at one of her exhibitions would be a challenge itself.


Susan Kare was born on February 5th, 1954. Today she is 64 years old. She studied at NYU and Mount Holyoke College. Kare is an artist and graphic designer. Susan created many of the first Apple Macintosh interface elements in th 1980’s. Susan Kare also became the Creative Director at NeXT, which was a company that was formed by Steve Jobs, after he had left Apple in the year 1985. Susan is most known for her contemporary American Design. She has designed many typefaces, icons and more for the original Macintosh (Apple) operating system. Many of her groundbreaking works can still be seen today such as her Lasso, the Grabber and the Paint Bucket. Chicago, Geneva, and monospace Monaco are some of her  most famous typeface with Apple.


What we are left with is an attention grabbing, out of the box solution. By displaying the ingredients we are simultaneously showing the unique silhouette of the bottle. The taste is there but the wine is imaginery. Letting the ingredients shape the bottle and leaving the rest to the clients imagination was the best way possible to demonstrate the taste, without seeing the product itself.