Café Chatleureux is one of the most known Café’s in Montreal because of its friendly cats who greet you while you are enjoying a coffee (so cute!). They are unique and offer an experience like none other to cat lovers and regular clients. Being vintage and cozy, Café Chatleureux wants to break from their old vibe and create an atmosphere that is simple and modern.


Café Chatleureux, is also known for having a bright yellow store front. The yellow being aesthetically out of place, we replaced it with 2 tones of orange, creating a resemblance to an orange tabby cat (YES! Garfield). The black strokes on the logo also represent the cats cradle game.

Fun Fact: the original name was Café Chat l'Heureux. This decision to shorten the name was made to accommodate a legible logo for locals and tourists, as well as to offer a humorist and welcoming feel.

cup and business cardstote bag


Geometric, playful and modern is what we are left with. The cup, being representative of the cats mouth, gives an appearance of happiness. The cat is symmetric to represent cat-like aesthetics. The name of the café was combined to become one, so it was an obvious choice to do the same thing with the logo (bringing the words to life). The warm tones of orange give a cozy and friendly vibe to the cat (when most people think these creatures are not).

yellow coffee cup