The Graphic Design program at Dawson College is a 3 year career program; Once it is completed students are free to persuade further studies or jump into the real world. It is known for its diversity of Teachers who have each had their own experience in the field, and the work that is created from the students. It is not an easy program to get into and it is very demanding (saying goodbye to having an outside life for 3 years, the 4G wing will become your home). Although it is demanding, it is worth it. A lot of things are learnt and you DEFINITELY learn from your mistakes, for the most part.


Memes, one of the internet’s biggest sensation in this generation; It is an easy way to communicate and relate similar situations. This program is difficult and requires will and passion (it’s not just an “art” program); How about laughing about it based on personal experience?

meme yellow bckgrnd
meme pink spread


A comic book was the choice publication. Comic books come with a vast variety of emotions; never knowing what is coming next, the pop of colours and evidently, the jokes. The graphic design program is similar to a comic book in those ways. We are left with memes that describe feelings and emotions, as well as things that may have happened to students. A photographic preview is given about each class in a comic book layout and colours change often. The only different with this comic book is the hero; You completing the program is the accomplishment.

green spread