Ai Weiwei


Ai Weiwei, photographer, humanitarian, legend. Ai Weiwei has no fear and stands up for what he believes in; he says and does things that others wouldn't dare. Bold and fearless, I needed to create a publication that would let his work speak by itself.


Ai Weiwei is a person who has travelled all around the world. He has a series of photographs that take place in front of important monuments around the world; Oddly enough, he stood in front of these monuments while he pulled his middle finger to them. Astonished by his guts of doing such a thing, he is telling us to open our eyes to the world.

aiweiwei gif


middle finger china

What we are left with is an attention grabbing, out of the box solution. By displaying the ingredients we are simultaneously showing the unique silhouette of the bottle. The taste is there but the wine is imaginery. Letting the ingredients shape the bottle and leaving the rest to the clients imagination was the best way possible to demonstrate the taste, without seeing the product itself.

ai weiwei ground